3 Easy ways to skip a line in Discord in 2022

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Do you want to know how to skip a line in Discord? worry not you have entered the right place to do this job as simply as possible.

Discord is a text, voice, and video chat app used by millions of people across the earth. As they loved to chat they also chatted while playing games. Most of them are always searching for new tricks in chatting and skipping a line in the chat box is also a unique trick.

In this article “skip a line in Discord” I will elaborate you some simple tricks to skip a line in Discord.

How to skip a line in Discord

I will show you 3 easy ways to skip a line in Discord.

  1. By using key
  2. Through command phrase
  3. Using a text editor application

Let’s explore these ways one by one thoroughly for a better understanding.

1. Skip a line in Discord by using keys

Press the “Shift+Enter” key to skip a line while typing a message. It is the most simple way to skip a line in Discord. As simple as it is you have to remember that while entering the “Shift+Enter” key first press the Shift key and then press enter key. If by chance you pressed enter key first it will immediately send the message instead of skipping the line.

skip a line in Discord

2. Skip a line through the command phrase

Another way to skip a line in Discord is by entering a command phrase.

With this method, you can use the enter key to skip a line. Start typing a message with three backticks (“`), then leave a space before typing your message. Now your enter key will work as a line skipper wherever you want to skip a line just press enter key and you will be able to skip a line. To end the command phrase press backticks three times, but don’t leave a space between the last character and the three backticks.

skip a line in Discord

As you can see from the above image, as you leave a space between the three backticks and the first character of your message, the first leaves a space than the other lines.

3. Using text editor application to skip a line

One of the funny ways to skip a line is that you can use other text editor applications like Notepad, Wordpad, etc. You just have to your message on these applications and copy it, then simply open your discord server and paste it wherever you want to send the message.

If you still have problems in the process then watch the given video.

Q1- Why is there a need to go down a line?

Sometimes we need to send a big message and we thought about separating this message, especially on Discord, so for that kind of message we need to go down a line.

Q2- What’s the best Discord bot?

MEE6 is one of the most popular Discord bots that is frequently used by users. MEE6 bot sends welcome messages in the channels. ProBot is also one of the most popular bots used by Discord users.

Q3- How do I get Nitro Discord for free?

Through Youtube Premium. Discord and Youtube collaborate together to provide three months of free Nitro to Discord users who subscribe to Youtube premium for the first time.


I hope the article, “skip a line in Discord” became helpful to you in doing your process. If you still face some kind of trouble in your approach and cannot understand some points, then don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section about your problem. I will try my best to give you your desired answers.

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