MacBook Air Laptop 2021

New Apple MacBook Air laptop in 2021

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Apple to launch the new Apple Macbook Air laptop 20201 powered by Apple M1 processor. The laptop you can buy with the best Apple product on the market at an affordable price. The base model included 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for 999$. This laptop with similar to the previous Intel Powered processor release earlier. including feature the same 2560 x 1600 screen, Touch ID, 720p webcam, fingerprint sensor, and scissor-switch keyboard.

Apple MacBook Air laptop release date

According to the Apple insider newly designed MacBook Air launch of the second half of 2021 or beginning 2022. According to sources, Apple added the new CPU and brand new designed Chip with an updated design.

Apple MacBook Air 2021 design

According to the source the New Apple Macbook, design is more slim and lightweight than the previous version. The previous version of Macbook Air is 1.27kg with more weight than window laptops like Dell XPS 13 is 1.17kg etc.

Apple MacBook Air 2021 specs

Apple to introduce to new power package to improve design and specification. Apple to introduce our first processor M1 to high performance to new ARM-based chip to smooth performance.

1. Design

Apple redesigned to older MacBook Air to be lighter, thinner, and more breezeless than the previous version. Apple to remove our iconic MagSafe charging to Shortcircuit to introduce to new USB Type-C charging cable.

MacBook Air 2020

2. Build quality

Apple to provide the best build quality in our segment. Apple product is the latest technology and low weight to easily carry to our hand no burden to handle the laptop.

3. Display

The Apple MacBook Air is a new level of detail and realism with a 13.3-inch and 15.3-inch 2560×1600 resolution mini LED retina display. They provide detailed sharper and clear, The color is more vibrant than other displays. Display to give a better view angle on any side. Apple to adopt the mini LED display in our future product. The Apple MacBook Air in 2022 and MacBook Pro is debut later this year. A wider palette of colors on display provides 25% more colors than sRGB.

4. Performance

According to a report that the end of 2021 Apple to announce to New Apple MacBook Air 2021 to the system of a chip replace the Intel processor to our first chip M1. The new M1 chip is faster and has eight CPU core (four performance core and four efficiency core). Graphics cores will increase from seven or eight to nine or ten. It was originally assumed that chip would be the same M1x powered by Macbook pro.

5. Price

The MacBook air 2021 price may be approx 90000 INR in the base price. Another model depends upon the storage and other features to increase the price.

Conclusion to buy MacBook Air 2021

The MacBook air 2020 is one of the best products is available in the current market. The laptop is lightweight and easy to carry to student and office work in one hand. Compared to a window laptop the window laptop is heavy to difficult to carry to students or office works person. Apple to design our product to user requirements. Apple to provide the latest technology in this product.

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