4 Simple methods to get free Discord Nitro codes In 2022

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Are you in a need of Discord Nitro? want to get free Discord nitro codes? worry not you have entered the right place to accomplish this easily.

Discord Nitro provides you with extra features on Discord videos and chats etc. To enjoy these features you have to subscribe to their monthly plan and get Discord Nitro.

As Discord is most popular among teenagers some of them can’t afford to pay the price for a subscription to get Discord Nitro, so in this article, we have come up with some easy methods to get free Discord Nitro codes for them.

How to get free Discord Nitro codes

Below here are some easy methods to get free Discord Nitro codes.

  1. Subscribe on Youtube premium
  2. Join Events
  3. Participate giveaways
  4. Be Active

Let’s analyze these methods one by one to fully understand the process to get free Discord nitro codes.

1. Subscribe on Youtube premium

Discord and Youtube collaborated together to give three months of a free trial of Nitro. You just have to Subscribe on Youtube to get the free trials of Nitro. But Before Subscribing to Youtube you have to be aware of some terms that you have to follow.

get free Discord Nitro codes

below here is a list to follow before subscribing on Youtube.

  • This feature is only provided to the people of Australia, France, Russia, Brazil, Korea, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, and the United States.
  • This offer is only for new Subscribers who have never used the Premium version before. If you have subscribed on Youtube multiple times then you won’t be able to claim the gift Nitro codes.

2. Join Events

To get free Discord Nitro codes you have to join the Discord official events. Discord hosts multiple events in a year, the most important events are Snowsgiving and Discord Birthday. At these events, they give their users free Nitro service.

get free Discord Nitro codes

Snowsgiving is an event where they celebrate Christmas. On their official Snowsgiving Server you will also find nitro giveaways that you can win.

On the second event “Discord’s Birthday,” they live stream on Youtube on May 13 every year. On this live stream, they do time gift boxes, each box opens in minutes. If you are first enough then you can get the Nitro.

3. Participate in giveaways

You can also get free Discord Nitro codes by participating in giveaways. You just have to react to the message and follow the instruction that they would give. Some popular servers always provide their users with Giveaways opportunity to attract more and more Discord users to their channels. Find some popular servers and join them and pay attention to their giveaways.

Note: There are a lot of servers that scam their users on Nitro giveaways. Pay attention to your action and get away from the scammers.

4. Be Active

In this method, all you have to do is be active on the Server. Because some servers give their active members free Nitro codes. You have to gain the points or whatever the system that they have, and like this, you can to the server admins and get the Nitro.

However, you can’t trust every single server who says so. Some server that gives their members free nitro is Jet’s dream world, Custom magical world, and Duck squad. Follow their server system and get the Nitro. This way you can get free Discord nitro codes.

If you are still unable to understand the method then watch the given video for a better understanding.

Q1- Is there a calendar for Discord?

Discord provided schedule events feature for its users. That way they can join and enjoy the events.

Q2- What apps work with Discord?

Discord collaborated with apps like Twitter, Youtube, Google Calendar, and RSS by Zapier

Q3- How much does nitro cost Discord?

Discord Nitro is available for $9.99 a month, or 99.99 a year.


I hope the article, “get free Discord Nitro” became helpful to you in doing your process. If you still face some kind of trouble in your approach and cannot understand some points, then don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section about your problem. I will try my best to give you your desired answers.

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