Apple pencil of the future can choose colors from the real world

Apple pencil of the future can choose colors from the real world

Apple pencil has introduced a new type of pencil that recognizes the color of the real world. And helps to choose the color in your image. So there is not be much difference in your image in the real world. And the user will get a better image experience.

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As the color, you see on a t-shirt or book cover, According to the newly published Apple pencil patent, you can one day tap on your Apple pencil and use it in your digital design.

The patent details the color – sampling stylus shown by AppleInsider, which uses sensors to pick up the colors that are indicated. This would be very useful for art and sketching apps on the iPad.

The apple pencil has optical sensors to detect colors that detect different color channels from different light-emitting devices and send data to iPad devices. In this way samples of these colors are sent to the stylus to replicate colors from external objects, there is a special feature in the pencil which will help the pencil itself to choose the colors of the stylus by choosing the color of your drawing.

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Apple Pen

Apple pencil also claims that color sensors can be used for other purposes. Such as calibrating displays and printers and making health-related measurements. If this seems too far-fetched, it should be noted that such optical sensors already exist.

This technology has been available since 2014.

This is an idea that has been appearing in Apple patents since at least 2014, so don’t assume that it has suddenly come on the market – although we think it will be a popular upgrade.

The color pencil will come with little light on the pencil board, both to help you get to the point you wanted to color sample (such as a laser pen) and to indicate a syncing position with another device such as a tablet for.

There have also been reports that Apple is considering adding stylus support to the iPhone. But currently, the accessory only works with Apple tablets. We can’t see it with the iPhone 12.

Penoval apple pencil -Stylus Pen specification

1 Palm rejection technology

pencil offers a palm rejection technology that allows you to rest your comfortably work on the screen while using an apple pen.

No Bluetooth Setting Required

Apple pencil does not need any driver or Bluetooth connection required. Just click the power on button and ready to write or draw your ideas. is the best feature of the pencil.

Compatible with all iOS version

The apple pencil compatible with all apple models like iPad Pro (3rd Gen), iPad (6th Gen), iPad Air (3rd Gen), and iPad Mini (5th Gen). iOS needs to be upgraded to iOS 12.2 or above. No compatible with iPhone.

Fast Charge & Long Working Time

The apple stylus pencil provides 12 hours of working time about 60 minutes charging. 4-minute quick-charge provides 1 hour of working time. The apple pencil auto-power off after 20 minutes of inactive-mode to save battery power.

Best working Point Control

The useability sensitivity pen tip, Pen offers high precision and accuracy writing and painting. can you draw straight or curved lines with no delays or offset.

Uses of Apple Pencil.

This new technique can help artists and painters to focus on color sampling. Although Apple users can’t wait to grab this futuristic pencil. Apple Patent has not released an official date to launch this device. We can certainly assume that it takes longer than usual for the product to reach stores May take place.


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