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Apple’s foldable iPhone will launch with a self-healing technology

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According to Apple’s foldable iPhone will launch with a self-healing technology introduce the new technology self-healing technology to smartphone market. Apple has to be patented by the automatic repair broken screen technology. Apple CEO to say that the healing technology smartphone launch the next year 2021 expected.

In daily life to use the smartphone to many time to dropped and broken the to solve the problem to innovate the new type of display, the  display partially broken means little damage to repair the screen automaticaly.

According to a report by Apple Insider, the patent application is named “Electronic Devices Flexible Display Cover Layers“. The specialty of this technique is that it causes minimal damage to the screen and if any damage occurs, it will be repaired automatically.

This technology called self-healing technology

This name suggests that the device will be equipped with methods to minimise damage and dealing with it if and when damage occurs. Speculations suggest that it’s a mix of rigid and flexible areas for a display that utilises ‘self healing’.

Samsung made foldable iPhone screen

In this, there are indications that the screen itself will be repaired in the curved and flexible area of ​​the display. According to the Apple patent application, an electronic device will have a hinge that will help the device to turn on an axis. Due to this new technology.

self-healing technology
self-healing technology

The phone’s display will be twisted without any loss. Although the self-healing display feature will not be in the first generation foldable iPhone. The company placed a large number of orders for Samsung Display at least a year ago.

Despite two display a handset with a single display will be found

The report says that with the help of this technology.The display of this foldable iPhone of Apple will fix the scratch and dent along normal wear and tear. According to previous reports, the company has specially designed this foldable phone. Despite having two displays, it’s will be a single screen phone when opened.

self-healing technology can be launched next year

Samsung has been supplying OLED displays to Apple for the past several years. At the same time, with Samsung being the leader of the foldable display market. It is now going to increase the production of these displays to 10 million units every year. If we talk about Apple’s foldable iPhone, it can be launched next year.

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