ONE SUN ONE WORLD ONE GRID: World's Largest Solar Grid Project

ONE SUN ONE WORLD ONE GRID: World’s Largest Solar Grid Project

  • Government of India Solar Grid Project to join more than 67 countries
  • India to lead solar grid project
  • World Bank Technical will help in this project to create a global electricity grid

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the slogan ‘ONE SUN ONE WORLD ONE GRID’ project to meet future needs. In response to China’s One Belt-One Road, India’s One Sun-One World-One Solar Grid Project has come up for the inauguration of Uttarakhand Investors Summit on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in Dehradun

That our government has set a target of producing 175 GW of renewable energy in the country by the year 2022 and India is moving towards becoming a global leader in renewable energy under the leadership of the Modi government.

Electricity production in India :

At present, India produces 80% of its total energy requirement from coal and only 20% of renewable energy. which includes hydro energy, solar energy, and nuclear power, at the same time, India’s total power generation capacity is 360 GW, it is in the figure of 2020! In the coming times, the usage of electricity will increase rapidly and for this, India needs to improve its power generation capacity better than before.

India is the third-largest producer of electricity in the world and is also the third-largest consumer, given the population of India, we need to increase power generation to meet our energy needs as the power consumption in the industry will increase in the coming times!

The Prime Minister of India recently called for connecting the grid to several country borders to supply solar energy, with the mantra of ‘One Sun is One World One Grid’. The RFP stated that the vision behind the OSOWOG mantra is “The Sun Never Sets” and that it is a stable place at any time, any geographic location.

It would benefit that one country has a day and another country has night! A solar panel network will be set up in many countries from the project so that there will be no obstruction in the power supply because one country will have night and the other will have a day.

ONE SUN ONE WORLD ONE GRID Solar energy is future

The Global Grid Scheme can also take advantage of the International Solar Alliance (IAS) co-founded by India which has 67 countries as its members. It could become India’s calling card on climate change and is being seen as a foreign policy.

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The future belongs to the electric vehicle, we need to be prepared for the future! In India. The demand for electric vehicles will increase in the coming years, anyway. The Modi government’s plan is to convert 50% of the vehicles to electric by 2030.

The world’s grid scheme will also benefit the International Solar Alliance, co-founded by India. The International Solar Alliance includes 67 countries including India. This could prove to be India’s game card on climate change and is being seen as a tool of foreign policy. Let me tell you that recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to connect all countries with solar energy.

ONE SUN ONE WORLD ONE GRID grid will be divided into two zones:

According to the project, this solar grid will be divided into two zones. East Zone will include countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia. And the West Zone will cover countries like the Middle East and Africa. World Bank will provide technical help in this project and the tender can be submitted by 6 July.

This is India’s first project in the world and the office is located in Gurugram .


Renuel energy is the future of tomorrow. Because the source of biofuels and biogas is fixed, it can be exhausted at any time, but the source of renewable energy is uncertain. Renuel Energy includes Wind Energy, Atonic Energy, and Water Energy, and Solar Energy but Solar Energy is the cheapest and reliable source. From SONE ONE WORLD ONE GRID.

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