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Legendary IT company give jobs 40 thousand freshers even in the Corona

Economic activities have been severely affected due to the Corona crisis. The revenue of TCS, the country’s largest IT company, fell badly in the June quarter. But despite this, the company is going to make bumper recruitments this year.

On the one hand, due to the Corona crisis in the entire country, people are losing their jobs. In companies where there has not been retrenchment, the salary of people is being cut in that company too. But amidst all this, the big news has been given by the IT company TCS. TCS has decided that it will give jobs to 40 thousand freshers.

Also, this year the company has plans to recruit 2 thousand people in America. This number is double as compared to the previous financial year. The aim is to reduce dependence on H-1B and L-1 work seeds. Let us tell you that due to the Corona crisis, there was a huge decline in revenue of the company in the June quarter. Talking about this, TCS EVP and Global HR Head Milind Lakkad said, that there has been no change in our strategy to start from the foundation.

TCS campus hiring declines drastically

TCS ‘revenue fell drastically in the June quarter due to Corona. But despite this, the company has decided to recruit 40 thousand from the campus this time too. Milind Lakkad, EVP and Global HR Head of TCS said,

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There is no change in our strategy to start from the foundation. In India, we will do 40 thousand recruitments. This number can be 35 thousand or even 45 thousand. This will be a tactical call. The company expects the business to be back on track in the second half of the current financial year.

Last year too, the company recruited 40 thousand people

Let us know that the company had given jobs to 40 thousand people in India last year too. The company has said that these freshers will start joining the company from mid-July. Right now about 8 thousand to 11 thousand on-line assessment is taken every week. The company said that apart from the faces, the company is also recruiting 100 professionals.

TCS 20 thousand jobs in 6 years in America

Let us tell you that the company is not only giving jobs to engineers but also, it is also giving jobs to Tor 10 business graduates in America. Since 2014, the company has given jobs to more than 20 thousand people.

Lakkad termed the decision by US President Donald Trump to suspend the H-1 and L-1 work seeds as unfortunate and said that it would have a short-term impact. He said that there are uncertainty and resentment among the employees. These associates help in running large banks and retailers and telecom companies. And help to advance America’s economy.

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