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India’s Mukesh Ambani is now richer than Warren Buffett

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According to Bloomberg magazine’s list of the world’s richest people. Mukesh Ambani has become the 8 richest men in the world. Mukesh Ambani has a net worth of 5.33 lakh crores, Warren Buffet has a net worth of 5.16 lakh crores.

Reason for growth in mukesh ambani property?

RIL shares rose 21.63 percent in 2020 so due to corona pandemic lockdown. The current time when businesses have been affected by the coronavirus epidemic. RIL partially held 25.09 percent of its equity shares to pay.

Global investors in the JIO platform has on sales such as Facebook, General Atlantic, Silver Lake, Vista Equity Partner, KKR and Mubadala Investment Company, ADIA, TPG Capital, El Catterton, PIF, and Intel Capital have invested in the world’s growing companies. Its market value has reached 12.70 lakh crores.

Asia’s Mukesh Ambani only person included in the world’s top 10

Mukesh Ambani included in the list of top 10 in the world in the month of June. RIL stock more than doubled in a few months. The same has declined in Warren Buffett’s wealth as he donated 2.7 billion dollars lamps.

RIL aims to make the company tax-free by the year 2019

To meet India’s growing energy needs, RIL has gained 1 billion dolls by selling 99% of its oil business to British Petroleum to set up petrol pumps in various cities in India.

Support for 5G

With this investment, the total investment of Reliance Jio Platforms will be Rs 118,318.45 crore. This deal between Jio Platforms and Qualcomm will help Jio in preparing 5G infrastructure in the country. Both companies have been working in this field for many years.

Jeff Bezos still at number one position

Today’s list is Jeff Bezos at number one. His total assets are $ 188.2 billion, Bill Gates at number two ($ 110.70 billion), Bernard Ornolt Family at number three ($ 108.8 billion), Mark Zuckerberg at number four ($ 90 billion).

Steve Ballmer at number five ($ 74.5 billion). ), Larry Ellison at number six ($ 73.4 billion), Mukesh Ambani at number seven ($ 70.10 billion). This is followed by Warren Buffett, followed by Larry Page, Sergey Brin.

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